The Circular Economy

Illustrated by our watch

A system that is not only sustainable, but also profitable. By showing this, we want to inspire others in applying the circular economy in their business.

For the consumer however, the circular economy can be a confusing topic. That is why we explain it to you guided by a clear and tangible product. The principles of the Circular Economy will be pointed out and illustrated by how it is applied in our watch.

Material choices: Casing/Body

The casing is made of 100% recycled consumerwaste plastic sourced by the Dutch recycling company Coolrec. TV casings and refridgerators get a second life as a durable product. The colors are, as far as possible, sourced from special batches of colored plastics such as suitcases.

After-use fase: Wristband

Our wristband is made of a special type of leather. It consists of left-overs from the shoe industrie that are binded by natural latex. A wristband will always wear, which makes reusing hard. That is why we choose a biodegradable material that does not leave toxic traces in the environment.

Think in systems: Glass

Where recycled materials are not possible, because they do not exist yet, we chose a material that at least can be recycled. The glass is made from normal glass and therefore can be collected through existing channels.

Maintaining value: Movement

The movement is a part that we had to buy from an external party. To make the price affordable, a battery is a necessary evil. That is why we chose an energy saving Swiss movement that can run for 5 years at one battery. Next to that we reuse movements to maintain the value of the part and product.

Design for disassembly: Design

Next to the careful selection of materials, the design is very important. We limited the amount of parts and different materials in the product to improve recyclability. Because we use no glue, parts can be easily separated , which makes repaires easy and allows reuse of parts in new watches.

Closing the loop: Service

To close the loop, a product alone is not enough. To maintain and preserve value as long as possible we give credits for maintenance and repairs. We also buy our watches back for €15 to regain all parts. Because of this we can reuse parts and recycle the materials properly. Visit the Service page for more info.