Royal Phoenix S

As a phoenix from the ashes, our newest product rises from our production. The transition between the Dazzling Zebra and the Funky Fox has created several exiting orange models in the 35mm series. But act quick, there are only a limited number available!
All three colortypes are available with a sienna or black wristband.

Order now from €149

Special Edition

This unique watch is produced in a limited series of 12 pieces. It finds its origin in a production batch at the transition between the red Funky Fox and the white Dazzling Zebra. The colours merge in a firy pattern as the bright orange Royal Phoenix!


For this unique watch we wanted to create a matching wristband. It fastens without the use of metal parts and contains only recycled materials, making it the perfect combo for the Funky Fox.

Unique mechanism

Recycled leather

No metal fasteners

Designed to be circular


• Casing: Handpicked recycled ABS plastic ♺
• Wristband: Recycled Leather ♺
• Leather binder: Natural rubber (Latex)

The plastic parts in your watch are made from the following products:



Other information
No metal parts on skin contact therefore safe for metal allergies. Product contains Latex.

Made to be disassembled

The caliber

A durable watch deserves a durable movement. Behind the back-cap, this Swiss movement will make the Funky Fox a a watch you can count on.

• Ronda 705 Gold
• Swiss made movement
•10½''' diameter
• 60 months of battery
• 5 jewel bearings

60 month powersupply

Made in Switserland

5 jewel movement