The circular watch

Change the image of recycled materials

We want to show the world that recycled materials are not a waste of time. With this watch we want to show that these materials do not need to be hidden from society but can still be used for high quality products that people want to show.

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It's time for change

Waste around your wrist

Disposed material is often seen as waste. Even high-end plastics from consumer products such as tv-casings. That’s no waste right?

Spread the word!

Show the world that durability doesn’t have to be dull. Speak up, inspire your surroundings with our watch and spread the story.

Dutch Design

The Netherlands are leading in sustainable initiatives and minimalistic design. Circular Clockworks combines these worlds into Durable Dutch Design.

Cut the crêpe, start talking!

No smalltalk but a proper story

Show that sustainability drives you, without being labeled a “tree-hugger”. With this watch you can properly illustrate the circular economy by explaining a tangible product without confusion.
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Made in the Netherlands

From waste out of the Netherlands

We are proud to be a partner of Coolrec in this process. They create high quality recycled plastic for our production, that finds its origin in disposed consumer electronics such as refrigerators and coffee makers. All parts are then locally produced and assembled here in Delft, the Netherlands.

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